Less Technology - more Technique

There is a lot written about how to use editing software, but not much about how to edit – why some cuts work and others don’t, the techniques of montage, continuity and so on. Here, I try to redress the balance a little.

Imagine you saw the world like a film. You watch yourself from afar as you stroll to the pub. In the blink of an eye you are inside the pub - close up - watching yourself enter and scan the room for your friends. Read More...

Getting past the Geeks

Editing a TV programme is one thing, but there are a host of hoops to jump through before your masterpiece will be allowed on the telly. Here is a basic guide to passing tech review.

Amazingly, life as a professional editor is not all red carpets and lunch with Charlize Theron. Sometimes we have to do some work and show that, not only are we gifted and beautiful, but that we also know stuff.

Stitched up by interlace

Interlaced TV shouldn’t exist in the modern world, but somehow it hangs on in there. A quick overview of its history.

If you ever find yourself in Stirling, go and see the National Wallace Monument – a bizarre Victorian Gothic monster with an even more bizarre late 20th century statue of Mel Gibson in the car park. Read More...